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Looking for mosaic tile inspiration?

I'm going to build a list of mosaic artists who have website that you can peruse. If you have a favorite, drop me an email:

Carrie Anne Bracker's Mosaics - Natures Mosaics
Stephen Brailo's Mosaics - Brailo Mosaics
Christine Brallier's Mosaics - Christine Brallier Mosaics
Lilian Broca's Mosaics -
Mark Brody's Mosaics -
Jeannette Brossart's Mosaics - Mother Nature Mosaics
Ilona M Brustad's Mosaics -
Sandra Bryant's Mosaics - Showcase Mosaics
Jeff Campion's Mosaics - Narcissus n.y.
Christine Carey's Mosaics - Mosaics by Chris
Constance Chantilis's Mosaics - CAC Mosaic Designs
Irina Charny's Mosaics - Irina Charny Mosiacs
David Chidgey's Mosaics - Art Glass Mosaics
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February 21, 2009

Mosaic Tile Arts

Come check out the selection of mosaic tiles for arts and crafts over at

Mosaic Tiles on Ebay

It's an ever-changing list of mosaic tiles and other mosaic supplies that are for sale on Ebay, a great place to find cheap mosaic tiles and other goodies.